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Capital Raising - Start-ups

Raise capital for your start-up.

Capital Raising - $1mm - $5mm

Capital to improve or grow your business.

Capital Raising - Over $5mm

Larger investment needs up to $100 million.

Business Analysis

Get more free time & money from your business, find out how.

Business Improvement

Get the help you need to improve your business and grow to the next level.

Investors & Investor Groups

Deal Flow - New Opportunities

Find great investment opportunities; already vetted by MBG Business Experts.

Deal Analysis

Let our business and technology experts evaluate your deal before you invest, in order to reduce your risk.

MBG Investor Partners

Get the first look at great investment opportunities.

Join an Investor Group

Work with other investors to share the risk and obtain different investment perspectives.

The experienced Investors at Mentor Business Group are able to look at a business from the investors perspective. And our experienced Business and Technology Experts are able to look at that same business from a market, sales and operations perspective. This provides MBG the ability to structure businesses to grow in Cash Flow and increase Revenue and Profitability; while at the same time providing proper Financial Returns for both the investors and the business owner.

New Mentoring Technology

Mentor Business Group has developed a New Business Mentoring Technology which has been designed to deliver Profound Results at a low cost. This new Mentoring Technology combines the knowledge and experience of business experts with tools, techniques, processes and automated systems in order to create a complete technology which allows the business owners and investors to remain focused on the right thing and achieve extraordinary business results. This new technology is appropriate for both business owners and investors. It helps the business to improve and accomplish more, and stay on track in order to deliver appropriate investor returns. This technology works for any size business, from start-up, to large multinational. For new businesses we are structured to help them create their vision, obtain financing, and launch business operations including marketing, sales, distribution, service and manufacturing. For existing business, we facilitate improvement and dynamic business growth. For investors, we make sure the business uses the investment capital appropriately in order to generate returns. Some of the specific area we can help include:

For New Entrepreneurs
New Entrepreneurs who need help Planning, Financing and Launching their new business, Mentor Business Group's unique Business Success Formula brings a complete business perspective to bear on how to structure, finance, launch, and operate your business.
For Existing Businesses
Existing Businesses who need help: finding more customers; improving operations; and/or growing to the next level; Mentor Business Group can provide not only management and domain experience, but can also help you to secure growth capital.
Interim Business Management
Companies who need help: overcoming barriers; improving operations; implementing internet marketing; and/or managing growth, Mentor Business Group can provide highly qualified C-Level executives on a part time or temporary basis.
Raise Capital
The MBG Investment Capital program is designed to help you and your business succeed by finding an appropriate financial partner to fund your enterprise, and developing an optimal business structure so all elements of your operations work together cohesively. The MBG Investment Capital program works alongside the MBG Business Operations and Improvement program by providing the funding needed to support your selected business development, marketing, sales, operations improvement and overall implementation of actions that ensure business success.
Acquire New Customers
MBG Business and Functional Experts will help you create the marketing, sales and distribution plans needed to reach, qualify, and close sales on your target customers. We use a combination of tried and true methods combined with the state of the art Internet marketing techniques in order to maximize market penetration. These programs will result in more sales leads, and more of those leads converted into customers. The result is a fine-tuned marketing and sales process to increase sales and reduce marketing and selling expense.
Business Services
MBG is your one stop solution center to help your business reach the next level. Whether you need start-up capital, marketing and sales assistance, international business consulting, or business automation assistance we can get the job done.
Information Systems
MBG provides the Best of Breed automation solutions. We have close relationships with the best software vendors in the world in order to provide you with the perfect solution for your business or organization.
Request for Information
If you would like more information, fill in the form on this page and we will email you the desired information as soon as possible.
Client Support
We provide fanatical support to our clients. This is a special area, just for our clients, to give them immediate access to whatever might be necessary to solve their problem.
About MBG
Mentor Business Group brings a complete business perspective to bear on our clients problems. We blend Fortune 20, large company, international, solve the really large problems experience with small/medium sized company, get in the weeds, manage the detail, solve the smaller focused problems experience in order to bring a complete balanced approach that can help any business, regardless of size. We are experts are defining business problems, creating cost effective solutions, and managing the implementation.

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