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Work with Other Investors on Great Deals

     Would you like to invest with other like minded investors?     
Do you actively invest in Private Placements?
Would you enjoy the camaraderie of working and socializing
with other like minded investors?
Would you like to work on deals in specific industry
or technology sectors?
Would you like to work on deals which have been structured
by investment and technology experts?

We can introduce you to Investor Groups!

Mentor Business Group works with many different investor groups, and is in a position to introduce you to these groups. The members of these groups have usually been entrepreneurs and presidents of successful companies now looking to invest in and help other companies grow and succeed. If you are not currently a member of an investor group, it is certainly worth while to consider joining one or two, and we would be happy to make such an introduction. Some of the benefits of investor groups include:

  • Working with other experience investors;
  • Meeting domain experts with different industry experience than your own;
  • Aggregating investment dollars so you can invest a smaller amount in more deals;
  • Socializing opportunities with other like minded investors.

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Other Investor Services

Deal Flow - New Investment Opportunities

Mentor Business Group works with many different entrepreneurs and successful companies looking to launch new products and improve their business. Many of these companies desire to raise capital for their next stage of growth. Mentor Business Group is in a unique position to introduce these companies to interested investors. Click on the link and enter your email address and contact information, and we will send you our Deal Sheet.

Deal Analysis

Mentor Business Group's Deal Analysis Service provides you, the investor, an inexpensive way to better evaluate a deal before you invest. By allowing our experienced business and technology experts analyze the business before you invest, you will be more clear regarding where the company is strong, where it is weak, and what management must accomplish in order for you to make the returns you are being promised. You will be provided a complete written report containing a complete review of all the mission critical areas of the business include complete time based metrics to make it easy for you to determine of management in on track or not. Each mission critical area of the business will be reviewed.

MBG Investor Partners

MBG Investor Partners are investors we work with regularly. We keep a profile of the types of deals each of our Investor Partners is looking for, and we find these types of deals, our Investor Partners get the first look at those deals before we make them available to other investors. The primary advantage to our Investor Partners is that we do not waste their time with deals that do not fit their profile.

Creating Profound Results for Investors

We have analyzed many different businesses, and found that the difference between those who create profound results in their business vs. those who do not, is not a matter of intelligence, capital, product or market opportunity. The difference is staying in action, and doing the right thing. Many business owners do not know what they do not know, and spend too much of their time and resources working on things that will not create profound results. By using our proprietary business analysis and mentoring technology, we are able to quickly determine the areas of the business deserving of time and precious resources, in order to produce the returns the investors desire.

Many Business Owners Do Not Know What They Do Not Know

We have found after years of working with client businesses of all sizes, as well as our own businesses, that the largest barrier to success is not knowing what you do not know. When time and resources are consumed on items not important to the success of your business, those resources are not available to those things most important for the continued success of the business. Applying the experience of our business experts coupled with our proprietary Goal Management and Project, Task and Action Item tracking software, we are able to make sure time and other precious resources are used effectively to create profound results.

Providing Accountability to the Investors

It's lonely at the top, and difficult for business owners to stay focused on what is really important for their organization. We use our Proprietary Mentoring Technology to inexpensively connect our business experts with top management, in order to help them stay on track doing the right things. The result is that time and precious resources are not consumed doing the wrong things. Cash flow increases, revenue and profitability increase, and investor returns increase. Our business experts have "been there and done that", and know how to balance all of the pressures and demands on the business owner, and generate returns for the investors.

Start-ups, Small and Medium sized Businesses are Our Specialty

We specialize in helping start-ups, small and medium sized businesses (under $250mm in sales). Inventors and new businesses usually need help with their Capital Formation plan and their Business Model so they can launch their new enterprise successfully. Small and medium sized businesses usually need help with marketing, sales processes, operations, automated systems, and frequently will want to raise new capital to facilitate business growth. For start-ups, small and medium sized businesses, our Proprietary Mentoring Technology has a profound impact on business success. If you are investing in a start-up, small or medium sized business, we can outline an affordable plan to protect your initial investment, and provide the returns you desire..

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