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The Young Brother's Story

How Mentor Business Group came to be.

Mentor Business Group was the Brain Child of Steve Young, after many years of fortune 20 company and international bussiness success, and years of discussions helping his younger brother with his various entrepreneurial activities. Steve was on the large company executive fast track; and his younger brother Fred quit his job at age 26 to start a computer software and consulting company. After receiving his law degree and an MBA, older brother Steve worked for large corporations running divisions and making large international deals, while younger frother Fred slugged it our in the trenches of entrepreneurship.

  The Original Young Family  

As younger brother Fred would have difficulties with his various entrepreneural ventures, older brother Steve would bring his large business corporate experience to bear on younger brother Fred's problems. Many arguments (OK, lively discussions) ensued, mostly because older brother Steve thought Fred had a resource allocation problem, while younger brother Fred thought he had a lack of resources problem. As Fred learned to look at his problems from the perspective of a large business, and Steve began to understand Fred's problem gaining appropriate resources and other problems facing small businesses, the genesis of The Mentor Business Group began to take shape.

    More of the Young Family

Steve & Fred Young  

One day, older brother Steve said to younger brother Fred, "you know, lots of entrepreneurs have these same problems, if we can solve these problems for you, we can create a group to solve these problems for other entrepreneurs. Not only will it be helpful for these businesses, but it will be fun to work in a lot of different businesses that we enjoy."

Well, by the time younger brother Fred's computer software business past the two decade mark, and older brother Steve moved up to CEO of $100 million dollar plus divisions, the Mentor Business Group plan was taking shape. Finally, after the loss of their parents, both Fred and Steve realized they needed to spend more time together doing things they enjoy. While that includes flying airplanes, sailing, playing music, and riding motorcycles, they also decided to make the Mentor Business Group a reality.

  Fred Playing the Sax  

Mentor Business Group, brings the expertise of both Fred and Steve Young, and their many associates to bear on your small or medium sized businesses. Fred's 20+ years of experience automating business, marketing, and creating sales organizations in many industries; and Steve's 25+ years of experience structuring international businesses, financing and acquiring staff come together with the aid of many trusted associates who are expert in their field, to identify and solve the problems you face today with your business.

  Fred Young   Steve Young

Mentor Business Group is a business development and improvement company. For new businesses we are structured to help them create their vision, obtain financing, and launch business operations including marketing, sales, distribution, service and manufacturing. For existing business, we facilitate improvement and dynamic business growth. For new entrepreneurs, we help them articulate their vision and create an operable business.

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