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Bank Partnership Program

The MBG Bank Partnership Program is a no cost to the bank program where Mentor Business Group will offer our proprietary Business Development Program to bank customers. The result of this program is improved success of the bank's business customers, and thus improved success for the bank and the entire economic region.

This program is good for your bank because it:

  • Creates a new source for performing loans
  • Develops new bank customers who are very loyal
  • Improves the cash flow and total revenue of bank customers
  • Increases the need for profitable revenue based bank services
  • Provides increased loan security via the MBG Accountability Partnership

Why the MBG Business Development Program Works

The MBG Business Development Program is about producing results. Most small business owners know their trade very well, but do not usually know how to grow a business successfully. The experienced entrepreneurs and business experts at MBG know what it takes to build a successful business, and have created the proprietary tools, processes, disciplines, and automated systems required for the entrepreneur to be successful. Accountability partners use these tools and systems to insure each business owner defines realistic goals, stays on track and is utilizing his time and resources effectively. The entrepreneurs are qualified before they are invited into the program, so that only entrepreneurs who are coachable, able to work within a team, and are solving a problem in an appropriate sized market are allowed to participate in this program. The MBG Business Development Program forces a discipline upon the entrepreneurs via and initial assessment and action plan; low cost weekly Mentoring sessions; and monthly strategic reviews of their business, which keep the entrepreneurs on track and doing what is necessary in order to be successful.

Designed for Start-ups, Small and Medium sized Businesses

The MBG Bank Partnership Program is specifically designed for Start-ups, Small and Medium Sized Businesses. Inventors and new businesses usually need help with their Capital Formation plan and their Business Model so they can secure private investors, and launch their new enterprise successfully. Small and medium sized businesses usually need help with marketing, sales processes, operations, automated systems, and frequently will want to raise new capital to facilitate business growth. For start-ups, small and medium sized businesses, our Proprietary Mentoring Technology has a profound impact on business success. If you desire to help start-ups, small and medium sized business, desire to grow your local economy, and help your bank at the same time, you should call us. We can outline a plan to help you accomplish your goals.

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