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Business Development Program

The Mentor Business Group Business Development Program is a highly effective, low cost program designed to provide start-up, small and medium sized businesses the resources, expertise and accountability they need to succeed; so they can create jobs and increase revenue, profits and economic success. This program is designed to work with Economic Development Organizations, Banks and other entities who have a vested interest in improving their local economy.

Mentor Business Group has developed a New Mentoring Technology which has been designed to deliver Profound Results for businesses at a low cost. This new Mentoring Technology combined with our expert consulting services provides the best of both worlds, expert advice at a low cost, and when needed, expert consultants to do the work. Our proprietary Mentoring Technology combines the knowledge and experience of business experts with tools, techniques, processes and automated systems in order to create a complete technology which allows the business owner to remain focused on the right thing and achieve extraordinary business results. This new technology is appropriate for any business desiring to improve and accomplish more, from start-up, to large multinational. For new businesses we are structured to help them create their vision, obtain financing, and launch business operations including marketing, sales, distribution, service and manufacturing. For existing business, we facilitate improvement and dynamic business growth. Some of the areas where we can help your business include:

  • Finding New Customers
  • Generating More Sales
  • Employee Mentoring and Performance Improvement
  • Operations Improvement
  • and Capital Raising

Finding New Customers

The Mentor Business Group Marketing Improvement Program helps businesses fine tune their marketing efforts so that they are able to generate more qualified leads. This program uses a combination of Internet and Traditional Lead Generation Marketing; Branding Marketing; and Social Media Marketing techniques. It also uses our proprietary Balancing Your Business approach so that sufficient leads are generated in order for the business to operate at capacity, without generating so many leads that they are unable to service them properly. By Balancing the Business and using our proprietary business analysis and scoring technology, we are able to quickly determine the areas deserving of time and precious resources.

Generating More Sales

The Mentor Business Group Sales Improvement Program helps fine tune the Sales Processes so that the sales team can Close More Business and generate more sales. This program uses a combination of Sales Target Optimization; Sales Process Refinement; Product Mix Merchandizing; and proper Product Pricing in order to optimize the sales processes and make the best use of sales resources.

Employee Mentoring and Performance Improvement

The Mentor Business Group Mentoring Program provides employees, at a low cost, the expert assistance they need, so that they may do their jobs better. We have found that staff can produce profound results if, when given more and more responsibility, they are given expert assistance the help them grow into these new responsibilities. The MBG Mentoring Program is designed to provide this assistance in a cost effective manner so that the business can "get the most bang for the buck".

Operations Improvement

Mentor Business Group can provide domain experts to help with any operational problem, from manufacturing, vendor management and supply chain, through distribution, logistics and even retail; including administration, legal, accounting and automated systems. In today's environment, improving operational efficiencies can make the difference between a profitable business, and one that struggles to survive. By improving operations today, a business insures it is prepared for tomorrow.

Capital Raising Program

The Mentor Business Group Capital Raising Program helps the entrepreneur to structure the business so that it is attractive to investors, and presented to people and organizations who have money to invest in that specific industry. We use our proprietary Mentoring System in order to keep these preparation and presentation costs to a minimum. We believe growth should be a deliberate decision, and should be started with sufficient capital to insure the growth step will be successful.

Creating Profound Results

We have analyzed many different businesses, and found that the difference between those who create profound results in their business vs. those who do not, is not a matter of intelligence, capital, product or market opportunity. The difference is staying in action, and doing the right thing. Many business owners do not know what they do not know, and spend too much of their time and resources working on things that will not create profound results. By using our proprietary business analysis and scoring technology, we are able to quickly determine the areas of your business deserving of time and your precious resources.

Many Business Owners Do Not Know What They Do Not Know

We have found after years of working with client businesses of all sizes, as well as our own businesses, that the largest barrier to success is not knowing what you do not know. When time and resources are consumed on items not important to the success of the business, those resources are not available to those things most important for continued success. Applying the experience of our business experts coupled with our proprietary Goal Management and Project, Task and Action Item tracking software, we are able to make sure time and precious resources are used effectively to create profound results.

Providing an Accountability Partner

It's lonely at the top, and difficult for business owners to stay focused on what is really important for their organization. We use our Proprietary Mentoring Technology to inexpensively connect our business experts with our clients, the business owners, in order to help management stay on track doing the right things. The result is that time and precious resources are not consumed doing the wrong things. Our business experts have "been there and done that", and know how to balance all of the pressures and demands on the business owner.

Start-ups, Small and Medium sized Businesses are Our Specialty

We specialize in helping start-ups, small and medium sized businesses. Inventors and new businesses usually need help with their Capital Formation plan and their Business Model so they can launch their new enterprise successfully. Small and medium sized businesses usually need help with marketing, sales processes, operations, automated systems, and frequently will want to raise new capital to facilitate business growth. For start-ups, small and medium sized businesses, our Proprietary Mentoring Technology has a profound impact on business success. If you own a start-up, small or medium sized business, and desire to grow and/or launch a new product, you should call us. We can outline an affordable plan to help you accomplish your goals.

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