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EDO Public/Private Partnership Program

The EDO Public/Private Partnership Program is a unique, sustainable and effective approach to economic development by establishing Public/Private partnerships to grow businesses that create jobs and increase the tax base. This program builds, funds and supports the commercialization activities of new and existing businesses, enabling them to create new jobs, and increase revenues, profitability and the local tax base. Focusing on obtaining results quickly and inexpensively, this provides a disciplined Business Development Process which can help any business succeed by quickly moving them from where they are today, through obtaining private investment capital and improving operations to growth in revenues, profits and long term sustainability. The public funds used are repaid in order to create a sustainable public fund. The result of this program is improved economic success of the businesses located in the EDO's region, increased jobs, economic improvement of the entire region, and a sustainable fund to help more and more businesses in the local region succeed.

Restoring the American Economy

It has been said that small and medium sized businesses are the economic engine required to grow the American economy. Mentor Business Group has create a unique and proprietary Business Development Program which accelerates business growth. This growth helps everyone concerned, the business receive greater revenues and greater profits, the private investors and business owners receive greater returns, the local economy receives more jobs and people spending money, the government receives more tax revenue, banks receive more customers and consumers of their services, and the entire region benefits. These types of programs serve the economic engine that can rebuild the American economy.

Why the EDO Public/Private Partnership Program

Many economic development programs fail to produce the desired results. They fund businesses with little chance of succeeding, and pay program administrators regardless of the results obtained. The MBG Economic Development Organization Public/Private Partnership Program is different in that it is completely focused on the desired results of initially, securing private investment, and finally, of creating jobs and increasing the tax base. This program uses the unique and proprietary MBG Business Development Program, which forces a discipline upon the entrepreneurs, and if not met disqualifies the entrepreneurs from the program, so that only the most likely to succeed continue in the program and consume program resources. This Public/Private Partnership is also structured to repay the funding economic development organization in order to create a sustainable development fund. The MBG Business Development Program brings to bear the skills of experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and investment bankers to create a results oriented, business and economic development program.

Business Development Programs

This EDO Public/Private Partnership Program uses the Mentor Business Group Business Development Program at it core, which is a highly effective, low cost program designed to provide start-up, small and medium sized businesses the resources, expertise and accountability they need to succeed; so they can create jobs and increase revenue, profits and economic success. This program is designed to work with Economic Development Organizations, Banks and other entities who have a vested interest in helping businesses succeed and improving their local economy.

Proprietary Mentoring Technology Reduces Cost

By using Proprietary Mentoring Technology, MBG's Business Development Program is Highly Effective and Low Cost. This technology uses tools, templates and techniques designed to keep the most expensive element, the time of our business experts, to a minimum, while still providing the target business the exact counsel they need to be successful. This program is provided at a low fixed price so there are never any hidden costs. Our goal is to provide the needed tools and expertise, at a cost appropriate for EDO's, banks, and the target businesses. The result is more businesses succeeding, creating job and economic prosperity.

Designed for Start-ups, Small and Medium sized Businesses

This program is specifically designed for Start-ups, Small and Medium Sized Businesses. Inventors and new businesses usually need help with their Capital Formation plan and their Business Model so they can secure private investors, and launch their new enterprise successfully. Small and medium sized businesses usually need help with marketing, sales processes, operations, automated systems, and frequently will want to raise new capital to facilitate business growth. For start-ups, small and medium sized businesses, our Proprietary Mentoring Technology has a profound impact on business success. If you desire to help start-ups, small and medium sized business succeed, and grow your local economy, you should call us. We can outline a plan to help you accomplish your goals.

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