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MBG Marketing and Sales Program

Acquire the new customers you need for the Business you want.


The MBG Marketing Program is designed to help you and your business succeed by providing a sufficient quantity and quality of sales leads and selling tools so that so that your sales team can close more sales. The MBG Marketing Program works alongside the MBG Business Operations and Improvement program and can be an integral part of your overall operations improvement helping to insure business success.


The MBG Marketing Program will provide a complete suite of Marketing and Sales related services. These marketing services will provide a complete Lead Generation Marketing Program using the best of direct mail, videos, search engine optimization, web marketing techniques, affiliate marketing techniques, public relations, campaign analysis and metrics all coupled to a complete automated sales system for sales and prospect tracking, order fulfillment and more. The result will be a large number of qualified prospects available to your sales team, all managed using MBG Sales Management Software.

Lead Generation Marketing:

A complete Lead Generation Marketing and Sales Service that makes all aspects of Lead Generation and/or Brand Marketing available to small and medium sized businesses. This Service is a complete soup to nuts marketing and sales campaign using Direct Mail, List Management, Public Relations, Videos, Internet Marketing techniques, and Campaign Analytics. This service includes the following phases:

  • Campaign Development;
  • Design the Marketing Campaign with an appropriate "Call to Action";
  • Define the Marketing Message;
  • Develop Direct Mail as appropriate, including up to 4 different postcards;
  • Define the demographics and obtain an appropriate List;
  • Interface Mailing list with the MBG Prospect Tracking System;
  • Create the Internet Marketing Campaign and web pages;
  • Create the appropriate videos and link with our web pages;
  • Create Affiliate Marketing relationships as appropriate;
  • Implement email address capture using the best Internet Marketing techniques;
  • Test the complete campaign;
  • Implement the campaign;
  • Couple this Marketing Program with sales follow up.

Sales Follow Up System:

The Mentor Business Group Sales Tracking and Follow Up System is a complete Sales Management System which is tightly couple with the MBG marketing systems, and brings the details of a prospective customers onto your sales team's desktop. This system can also be couple with your phone system to automatically connect a prospects details with in incoming phone call.


The MBG Marketing Program generates sales leads, and provides your sales team the necessary tools to convert those leads into sales. This program is designed to generate a specific number of leads per month so that you can plan your sales volume, and know you will have leads of sufficient quantity and quality so that your sales team will be able to convert those leads into customers.

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