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MBG Investment Capital Program

Raise the Capital you need for the Business you want.


The MBG Investment Capital program is designed to help you and your business succeed by finding an appropriate financial partner to fund your enterprise, and developing an optimal business structure so all elements of your operations work together cohesively. The MBG Investment Capital program works alongside the MBG Business Operations and Improvement program by providing the funding needed to support your selected business development, marketing, sales, operations improvement and overall implementation of actions that ensure business success.


This MBG Investment Capital program is delivered in two phases: Pre-Funding and Post-funding.


Pre-Funding activities include the tasks required to review, evaluate, prepare and present your business to investors who would be willing to fund the development, growth, improvement or expansion of your business. This phase includes:

  • An assessment of the key elements of your business concept, operations, technologies and target market;
  • Preliminary Due Diligence on internal and external issues affecting your business;
  • Business Plan review and/or creation;
  • Proposed Investment Structure review and/or creation;
  • Investor Presentation review and/or creation;
  • Detailed follow-up Due Diligence required to prepare plans and presentations for investor discussions;
  • Presenting your business to MBG's network of investors;
  • Working with interested MBG investors (and/or qualified Broker-Dealers) to develop Investment Term Sheets;
  • Negotiating an optimal investment structure that gets you your best deal;
  • Supporting you in the completion of required investment documentation and financing closing.


Post-Funding activities include the tasks required to insure your business will make money, and earn a return for you and your new investors. This phase includes:

  • Marketing Programs review, creation and Implementation;
  • Sales Process review, creation and implementation;
  • Operations and Technology review and systems implementation;
  • Manufacturing , Supply Chain, Distribution and Services Systems review as required;
  • Information Systems review and implementation (including MRP, CRM and ERP as needed);
  • Weekly Performance Metric Development, Review, Follow-Up Action Planning and tracking;
  • Ongoing Mentoring and Management to support achievement of targeted business and investor objectives.


The MBG Investment Capital Program builds the financing structure and supports the development of business operations needed to ensure success--success for you the business owner, success for your investor partners, and the success of everyone connected with your business. The Pre-Funding phase performs the steps necessary to secure funding . The Post-Funding phase focuses on using your new-found capital wisely in order to make your company profitable, your investors committed, your customers happy, and your stakeholders supportive.

Next Steps to Move Forward:

Mentor Business Group brings together all the pieces of the puzzle needed for you to be successful. We couple your business ideas with our network of investors to get you funded; and deploy our network of business and functional experts to ensure your business becomes and remains profitable. Call us today for a free preliminary consultation.

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