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MBG Business Incubator Program

The easy way to manage your Back Office, Projects and Mentors.


The MBG Business Incubator Program is designed to manage the back office components of a business incubator and the incubators clients. This program helps business incubators succeed by providing project and time management for mentors; financial management for the incubator; and financial, project and staff management for the incubators clients. The MBG Business Incubator Program combines the benefits of MBG automated Mentor Management System; MBG's complete automated financial management system; and 10 years of providing mentoring services to businesses. The MBG Business Incubator Program should be an integral part of your overall operation allowing incubator management to focus on their own and their client's success.


The MBG Business Incubator Program will provide a complete suite of Mentor and Project Management tools including: project definition and estimating; mentor training; mentor assignment; mentor time tracking; client billing; and mentor payables. The MBG Business Incubator Program also includes a complete suite of Financial Management software to help the incubator run its business effectively. This Financial Management software is also available to the clients of the incubator so that they can run their business effectively, while making the status of incubator clients available to all the stakeholders working so hard to help the incubator client succeed. These services are orchestrated and managed by experience mentor managers with more than 10 years experience training and managing mentors.

Project and Mentor Management:

The MBG automated Mentor Management System is a complete automated solution which allows business projects and initiatives to be defined and managed, and broken down into tasks and action items; it allows mentors to be assigned to specific tasks, and provides them an easy way to keep track of their time; the system allows the mentors time to be billed to the incubator clients, and a payable created to pay the mentor for his services; and much more.

Mentor Training:

Mentor Business Group has experienced trainers on staff; professionals with decades of experience training other professionals, and over 10 years of experience specifically training mentors. The MBG Mentor Training program was created specifically to teach business professionals how to be Mentors. Many believe that specific mentor training is not necessary, that any experiences business professional can be a mentor. If you have tried this method, you know this is not true as you have not been able to create the results you intended. It's not that the mentors were bad, or that your incubator clients had a bad business idea or didn't work effectively. The problem almost always is that the mentor was not adequately trained. With proper training, your mentors will be able to effect success in your clients.

Financial Management Software:

The MBG Business incubator Program includes a complete suite of Financial Management and CRM software to help you run both your incubator business, and the businesses of your incubator clients. This software includes "anywhere access to your business information" making it easy to provide additional services to your incubator clients.


The MBG Business Incubator Program is designed specifically for Business Incubators in order to relieve the incubator of the costly and time consuming tasks of managing the back office functions of their incubator; managing projects and time, being alerted prior to a project overrun; making sure their clients are properly billed, and their mentors are paid timely. By making the MBG Business Incubator Program part of your business incubator you will have more time to find more clients, make your existing clients more successful, and grow your incubator into the organization your have envisioned.

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