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Interim C-Level and Top Management

Do you need help at the top of your organization? Mentor Business Group can provide highly skilled, experienced C-Level and Top Management personnel on an interim or temporary basis. These 'make it happen' executives can bring your team together so that everyone is working to make your business wildly successful. See your business improve quickly. Let MBG Interim Top Level executives help you to clarify your vision, build and mold your team with clear mission objectives, secure financing as necessary, and launch business operations including marketing, sales, distribution, service, manufacturing and more. MBG Top Level executives are available full or part time for both short and long term assignments. Let MBG provide the Business Resources you need, when you need them.

Interim CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Do you need an interim CEO with international experience in companies over $100mm in annual sales? How about a technology CEO who knows how to develop, market and sell technology based products? Or a CEO who knows how to court and secure investors? Bring business strength in at the top, so the founders can focus on what they do best.
Interim COO (Chief Operations Officer)
Are your operations floundering or error prone? Could you use an experienced operations expert to fine tune your organization and get your business running smoothly? Or a COO who understands manufacturing, distribution, logistics and retail? A COO who is an expert in Business Automation, and understands Business Systems and their implementation and operation? Bring in an MBG Business Operations expert to help you get your business on track.
Interim CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
Are your companies finances in good shape? Could you use an experienced CFO who understands money, government regulation, automated systems, and how to structure the financial aspects of your company to insure you remain or become profitable. Allow an MBG financial expert help you to turn your nickels and dimes into dollars.
Interim CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
Is your company's marketing generating enough prospective customer activity? Are your branding and lead generation programs successful? Have you implemented Internet Marketing and Social Media? Do you need a CMO who also understands sales? Let an MBG Marketing and Sales expert bring your marketing activities into the 21st century.
Interim Sales Manager
Is your Sales Team closing enough business? Are your conversion ratios improving every month? Are your salespeople pressing you to offer more discounts? Do you have an effective commission program? Let an MBG Sales Expert help you dial in your sales process so you can close more business with fewer sales resources.
Interim Technology Development Manager
Are your software or technology projects on time and on budget? Are you suffering from feature creep? Are you having difficulty getting your technology products tested, boxed up and ready to sell? let an MBG technology expert help you to get your development projects under control, and your products completed and in the hand of new paying customers.
Information System Implementation Assistance
Are you implementing a new information system? Does your existing system need more capability? Do you need help integrating automated and manual business processes? Let an MBG Business Automation expert manage the implementation of your business system, provide the Best of Breed automation solutions, and dial in your business processes so your company is running like a fine Swiss watch.
Request an Estimate
Drop us a note describing what you need, and we will respond with a plan, including both a cost estimate and an overall time estimate. You may be surprised how affordable bringing in an expert can be. The MBG "been there, done that" experts hit the ground running, and "make it happen" so that you can experience incredible business success.
About MBG
Mentor Business Group brings a complete business perspective to bear on our clients problems. We blend Fortune 20, large company, international, solve the really large problems experience with small/medium sized company, get in the weeds, manage the detail, solve the smaller focused problems experience in order to bring a complete balanced approach that can help any business, regardless of size. We are experts are defining business problems, creating cost effective solutions, and managing the implementation.

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