Mentor Business Group: Raise Capital; Acquire Customers; Lower Costs; Grow to the Next Level; and More.

Are you an Investor or VC?

We focus on alternative energy and high tech businesses. We have deals available which range from a few hundred thousand, to 60 million. We specialize in helping investors mitigate their risk with ongoing management and solid technologies. If you are an investor, you should contact us and ask for our current deal sheet.

Business Development Services

  • Business Concept Evaluation and Strategic Business Planning
  • Business and Investment Plan Development and Presentation
  • Project Planning, Implementation and staffing
  • Employee Mentoring and Performance Improvement
  • Manufacturing and Operations Management Systems
  • Marketing and Sales Process Development and Planning
  • Sales Team Creation and Customer Relations Management
  • Marketing and Distribution Systems Effectiveness Evaluation
  • Legal and Business Contracting Assistance
  • Overall Business Operations Integration and Balancing

Automated Management Systems

  • Manufacturing Control System
  • Distribution and Logistics Control System
  • Vendor and Supply Chain Control System
  • Financial Management System
  • Sales Management Systems


  • Operations, Management and Control Services
  • Effectiveness Evaluation Service
  • Financial Analysis and Modeling Services
  • Management Information Systems

Mentor Business Group
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