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Strategic Review Program

Mentor Business Group has developed a proprietary Strategic Review technology which uses a combination of business expertise, sound financial management, automated metric evaluation, and goal, task and action item management in order to produce Profound Results for your business. This program provides an inexpensive monthly review of your goals and results, and helps you to refine your goals, create milestones, and construct an appropriate action plan to accomplish the things most important to insure success for your business.

Moving Your Company Forward

The Mentor Business Group Strategic Review Program is designed to help management move your company forward by reviewing your company's progress each month and establishing an action plan of goals and priorities designed to achieve business success. This program uses our proprietary Balancing Your Business approach so that the most important issues are addressed first, and management decisions are made deliberately based on appropriate information and attainable goals. By Balancing your Business and using our proprietary business analysis and scoring technology, we are able to quickly determine the areas deserving of time and your precious resources.

Proprietary Mentoring Technology Reduces Cost

By using MBG's Proprietary Mentoring Technology your costs are dramatically reduced. This technology uses tools, templates and techniques designed to keep the most expensive element, the time of the business experts, to a minimum, while still providing you the exact counsel you need, when you need it. This program is provided at a fixed price so there are never any hidden costs. Our goal is to give you the tools and expertise you need, at a cost you can afford, so that your business will grow, generate more revenue, more profit, and give you the time to enjoy your success.

Designed for Small and Medium sized Businesses

This program is specifically designed for Small and Medium Sized Businesses, which frequently lack the requisite time and expertise to step back and look at their business strategically. Most Small and Medium Sized Business owners are too busy working tactically every day, and find it difficult to shift into strategic mode. We provide that framework and expertise to bring new ideas and action plans to your management team. This Monthly Strategic Review program, coupled with our Proprietary Mentoring Technology can produce a profound impact on your business success. If you own or manage a Small or Medium Sized Business, and desire to grow, create more revenue and generate more profits, you should call us. We can outline an affordable plan to help you accomplish your goals.

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