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Business Management Systems

Complete automated business management solutions.

Mentor Business Group Provides many complete software and hardware solutions, too volumonous to list our complete offerings here. Please give us a call, and we can discuss your situation in detail and make appropriate recomendations.

The MBG BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS are suites of computer software created to fit the needs of the businesses like yours. These systems have been, and continue to be, specifically designed for:

  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Retailers
  • Public Warehouses
  • Service Companies
  • Consulting Companies
  • and many more

MBG BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS will anticipate your special business needs with computer software designed to provide accurate information in a timely manner, and increase your company's ability to manage growth.

Integrate Distribution, Retail, and Manufacturing with one complete furniture package.

Manage Workload with job and process scheduling.

Manage Employees with productivity reporting.

Manage Jobs with Job and Work Order Tracking.

Reduce Material Shortages by purchasing materials based on existing stock and customer order requirements.

Save Time with fast and accurate order entry, automatic job scheduling, and standard customer orders.

Respond Easily to special customer requests with Option Based Order Processing.

Improve Cash Control with an integrated Point of Sale environment.

Improve Collections with an automated accounts receivable.

Reduce Costs by taking advantage of special purchases with perpetual inventory management and sales trend analysis.

Maintain Profitability by tracking the exact cost of manufactured, serviced, brokered, imported and regular items.

Avoid Emergencies with timely reporting of problematic orders and items.

Save Money with fast and accurate financial reporting of all areas of your business.

Our system can be tailored to the specific needs of your business. A major advantage of MBG's modular business data processing systems is our ability to respond to the unique requirements of your company. We provide you with a sound, workable product for solid day to day business information and data crucial for decisions made by top management.

You benefit from our particular expertise in the areas of design, development and implementation of commercial application systems, which are already in use by companies in your industry.

Contact one of our business experts to discuss how this system may be able to help your business save money, improve competitiveness, and more effectively manage your resources.

Module Summary

Each Module focues on a secific area of your business.

Sales Management and Analysis
Keep track of sales prospect, contacts and customers. Maintain activity records as your prospects move through the sales cycle. Analyse sales by customers, product, and product groupings. Sales Analysis itemizes sales quantities and dollar amounts by customer, by item or by warehouse. This sales information can be maintained for 1 to 10 years of history and may be printed on a yearly, monthly or weekly basis. It also includes profits and shipping information for each product.
Time Tracking and Billing
Keep track of staff time by customer and project, create invoices, manage interuptions, phone calls, and other distractins. Manage projects, tasks, and action items. Automatically generate todo and follow up action items.
Inventory Control
Inventory Control maintains items for over 1200 warehouses. This module updates the actual inventory quantities as items are received and shipped to provide control information, total cost per warehouse and total projected revenues. Items can be cross referenced from dozens of parallel item number lists.
Bill of Materials
Bill of Materials provides multi-level component structures that are integrated to inventory and material requirements planning to provide accurate inventory control.
Order Processing
Order Processing processes all orders, creates invoices and credit memos and updates inventory, accounts receivable, general ledger and sales analysis. Other features will automate the method of shipping and freight charges.
Point of Sale
Point of Sale uses cash registers, personal computers or terminals as point of sale devices, while featuring the full benefit of on-line Accounts Receivable and Inventory information. This module is for the retailer who requires SKU (stock keeping unit) level of inventory control and positive cash control.
Production Tracking
Production Tracking will assist you with scheduling, batching, product tickets, and more. You have the control required to improve production scheduling and reduce production costs. This Module maintains and updates the Master Production Schedule with new orders and schedule changes.
Purchase Order Tracking
Purchase Order Tracking processes all phases of the purchase order cycle including purchase order entry and production and processing of receipts. The various reports allow management to monitor vendor delays and dollar requirements. Product sales trends are calculated and purchase recommendations made to allow total inventory value to be reduced without resulting in lost sales. This module is integrated with inventory, accounts payable and sales history.
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable maintains all invoices, credit memos and payments. It includes automatic aging by invoice and customer. Credit limits are integrated to order processing so that orders will not be shipped to over extended or seriously past due accounts without management review.
Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable provides a convenient method of printing and reconciling checks. It also provides for payables aging and pays out on a discretionary basis with alerts for selected vendors or items. This module updates the general ledger for an immediate view of the corporate financial position.
General Ledger
General Ledger uses an unlimited number of accounts to fit any corporate strategy. Unlike most general ledger systems, it includes combined and consolidated financial statements and the ability to post any period without closing the previous period. This is an advantage that can relieve some of the stress at the end of the month.

Our system has been accepted by the industry because it addresses specific concerns which are unique to the processing, wholesale, distribution, and manufacturing of products, and the delivery of services. It solves particular industry problems in a straight forward, easy to understand manner. The system provides crucial decision making information to top management, while aiding employees and middle managers with the daily operation of your business.

Features Overview

Features to make your system easy to use, yet effective.

MBG Software is suited to many different business environments. It meets the requirements of sophisticated users, and is flexible, fast and easy to use. This system presents easy to understand programs due to the consistency of its operation. Options can be set to your company's particular way of doing business. Various options are available in every aspect of the system. System development began in 1978 and continues today. Countless hours have been invested to give you the best feature-rich, completely integrated system on the market today.

The software is designed as a multi-user system, and can support dozens of workstations and peripherals. The workstations and printers can be connected directly to the main system via a local environment, or communicate over the Internet remotely for instant control in a distributed environment.
Multiple Companies
The software is capable of running over 1200 different and separate organizations. Under each organization, over 1200 divisions, branches, warehouses or departments can be defined.
The software controls all facets of inventory movement and sales analysis. Data can be analyzed by combining and/or separating locations and departments, or most combinations.
Workstation Types
The system supports terminals, personal computers and some cash registers, depending on the hardware configuration.
The Security system allows the system manager to take advantage of the multi-level password protection capability. This provides very tight control over employee access to every major function in each of the modules. Passwords can be changed as often as desired. The security system will only display menu selections to the operator that s/he is authorized to use.
Reports and Listings
Complete Reporting and inquiry capabilities are supported by all modules. Some reports can be displayed to a workstation instead of on hard copy. When a paper or processing trail is necessary, an inquiry is not allowed.
The software makes inquiries available where appropriate. There is no reason to confuse operators with a lot of useless inquiry features that will never be used.
Functions can be selected through the menu or, as a user becomes more knowledgeable, by code allowing direct access to the desired functions.
Most prompts are standardized throughout the system. However, some are user definable. An example would be finish structures or options associated with a base item number. Consistency is appreciated in menus, reports, inquiries, and all transaction screens making each system easy to learn and use.
Help Look-ups
Look-ups are available throughout. Under inventory, look-ups are possible under item description, category, item number, or various combinations. Customer and Vendor masters can be accessed by name or number, or you can define additional fields to suit specific needs.
User Fields
The software provides user definable fields in Inventory Master, Accounts Receivable Master, Accounts Payable Master. The fields include places to identify codes, dates, amounts or anything the user may need. This can be valuable information displayed on reports, used to categorize or used for inquiries.
Parameter Driven
The software has thousands of combinations and options to suit any operation. Special reporting to General Ledger, Sales Analysis, Salespeople Commissions, Inventory Costing Methods, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable can all be accomplished very easily and quickly.
Editing and Verification
The software has a high degree of intelligence. If data is entered that cannot be verified, it will simply not be accepted. This minimizes errors that are common in most systems.
Accounting Periods
The periods are pre-defined and can be left open until you officially close the year.
On-Line Updating
The system updates all critical data immediately including Inventory availability, outstanding orders, customer credit information, and many other performance metrics.
NBC can create and tailor these functions to meet your requirements. You define processing streams by function and daily, weekly, or month end processing. This allows the computer to work without operator supervision. All types of documents, listings, reports, and updates can be done with the auto-processing system.
The system has been developed with standardization and consistent operation in mind. From system design and programming to operator functions. Once the user has been introduced to the software, no matter what function is selected the screens will look and feel familiar. This gives the operator confidence and minimizes errors. This assures you of a system that is easy to learn, understand and use.
The software allows labels to be created from Vendor, customer or mailing list master.
Sample Data Base
Upon request, the software can be installed with a sample (or test) data base which is separate from your live data. This is the ideal place to experiment and train employees.
Automatic Defaults
The software allows users to establish defaults for a variety of information. Salesman, tax status, warehouse/location, store location, mode of shipment, etc. In using such defaults, common or repetitive information is entered automatically. This arrangement reduces errors and can be overridden if necessary.
Audit Trails
These are provided throughout the software to assure accuracy, making it very easy to track problems to the original source document.
Data Base
The software is a hierarchy of Data organization using an industry standard access method. Optional Data base is the Relational data base from Oracle.

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